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Friday, March 13, 2015


As I sit and pen a few words of encouragement to a friend of mine who is currently going through Marine Corps Boot Camp, I ponder the idea of hope. Hope. That unseen quality that makes one persevere and hold out against all odds. That enables one to believe in a greater purpose for their life, no matter how difficult the current circumstances may be.  Hope. It is a powerful thing. But I also come to another conclusion: what allows those who live in Grace to hope is that God can be sought - in any and all situations - and be found ready to give strength to them that is equal to their circumstances. I can come to Him freely, here in my home in Alaska, and seek the needed grace for today while, at the same exact moment, my friend in Boot Camp can offer the same prayer as he faces the many challenges of military life. This beautiful thought brings about hope…because once you realize that God can be accessed anywhere at anytime, you no longer have to feel alone. You don't have to think that you fight life's battles by yourself. God will go before you and prepare you for all that you must face. Hope is made possible because I believe in God. Sometimes, hope means believing while waiting (Rom. 8:24-25). But I will wait - because the promise of God's gracious blessing rings true, no matter what circumstances I happen to find myself in. Thanks to His endless supply of goodness and strength, I can say with the Psalmist:

" I wait for the Lord, my soul doth wait,
and in his word do I hope."
(Psalm 130:5)