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Friday, April 20, 2018

Quote of the Day

"Sense and reason are crutches that a weak faith leans on. Can you bear up when the crutches of sense and present feeling are not at hand? Perhaps you sense God's love and favor upon you, and the sun is shining in the window of your heart. You feel at this moment that you will always trust God and never listen to your unbelieving thoughts again. But how do you find it when those sensible demonstrations are withdrawn, and some frowning providence comes? Do you presently doubt the promise in your thoughts, not knowing whether you can venture to cast anchor on it or not? Because you have lost the sense of His love, does the eye of faith fail you also in trusting His mercy and truth in the promise? If so, the eye of your faith is yet weak, since it needs the spectacles of sense to support it."
                              - William Gurnall

Thursday, April 19, 2018

Quote of the Day

"Strong faith does not appear when God carries them beyond the depth of reason; 'We do not know what to do,' said good Jehoshaphat, 'but our eyes are on you' (2 Chron. 20:12). It was as if he said, 'we are in a sea of troubles, beyond our own help, and we have no idea how we can get out of this problem; but our eyes are on you. We do not dare give up our case as desperate so long as there is enough strength in Your arm, tenderness in Your heart, and truth in Your promise!' However, weak faith looks for some footing for reason to stand on. It is taken up with how to reconcile the promise with the understanding. When Jesus said, 'you give them something to eat,' His disciples asked Him, 'Shall we go and buy two hundred denarii worth of bread?' As if Christ's bare word could not spare that cost and trouble! 'How shall I know this?' said Zacharias to the angel, 'For I am an old man' (Luke 1:18). Alas! his faith was not strong enough to digest, at present, this strange news!"
                           - William Gurnall 

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Quote of the Day

"Amazingly, miraculously, I am living a life that I never could have imagined. It doesn't make sense. And at the same time, I know it all makes perfect sense. Heavenly sense. God has always promised to do more than we would ever ask or imagine. It's just that so few of us take Him up on His offer."
                       - Scott Hamilton in Finish First

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Quote of the Day

"...One of the most remarkable things about Christianity is its conviction that God cares so much about us that He has, in Christ, come to meet us within our own history. History is both God's story and ours, together. And because God is so deeply interested in sharing our story with us, He has seen to it that everything we need to know - about Him, about each other, about ourselves - is right there in front of us."
                                - Scott Hamilton in The Great Eight

Monday, April 16, 2018

Quote of the Day

"We all have challenges we face. These things happen, I believe, so that we see God's hand in it. So that when He moves, as He always does, we can point to that as a reminder of how powerful He is and how much He loves us. It's not an easy road, but when we cling closely to Him, He reveals Himself to us and to the world around us."
                     - Scott Hamilton

Saturday, April 14, 2018

When God Asks Big Faith From You

 The other day at church, I find out that she's expecting...again. She has two children under age three...the second-born of which came into this world with a physically broken heart. He continues to face each day with many risks, yet smiles his way through them. There are many surgeries and medical evaluations in his little future. The family's finances are not always stable due to the ebbs and flows of the husband's job. I sat back and thought: many people would view these circumstances as less than ideal to bring yet another child into the world. They would say that they don't have enough money to support another life, that the second child's medical challenges are too numerous to add a newborn into the mix, that there are too many variables ahead...too many reasons not to continue forward with the giving of life...
 But this young family and chosen to let their faith be bigger than their fears. Trusting God always outweighs the concerns. And I reflect on the fact that so many of us let our own doubts, let our own understanding, get in the way of where God is headed. We miss the opportunities for our faith to grow because we are too focused on what doesn't make sense. Because sometimes God asks us to step out in belief when everything around us tells us not to. God calls us, at various moments in our life, to trust Him and take the hard road when others point out the easier one. The comfortable one. The one that seems logical. 
 But when you keep on choosing the safe and easy route all the time, maybe you miss the miracles. Maybe you deprive yourself of seeing God work the seemingly impossible because you did what seemed sensible. Perhaps you lose chances to see through to God and to experience amazing grace given in the most unbelievable circumstances because you stuck with what appeared to be less challenging. 
 I have personally chosen this path more than once and now I see that it only prevented me from seeing God's provision. He is always supplying what we need, but sometimes we keep ourselves from receiving greater blessings from Him because we aren't willing to give Him greater space to provide and show Himself faithful. 
 When you choose the brave way, when you live by faith instead of fear, it will take you to places you never dreamed of. It will drive you to do things that, in your natural self, you would shy away from and run the other way. Things that you would say are so improbable it's not worth trying. But what if we began to live with the idea that grace is so sufficient for us that there isn't anything God can't (and won't) take us through? What if we started to face fear so boldly that we kept on choosing the hard things simply because we aren't afraid of growing. We welcome the adversities, the challenges, because God is good and we are always loved...even in the midst of what seems to be an insurmountable task. 
 Take a look at your own life, and ask yourself: what is it that I'm failing to trust God for? Am I taking the easy route and staying where it's comfortable, when God actually wants me to step out and do something uncomfortable? Am I actually standing in my own way and keeping myself from fulfilling my God-ordained purpose and plan simply because that plan doesn't appear feasible or sensible? What if God is waiting to move in a big way in my life if I will simply yield to Him and take a daring leap of faith? 
 I don't know how you will answer these questions, but I do know that perhaps - if you are surrendered enough to where God is desiring you to go - you will discover things that will change how you live...all because you will willing to choose faith in the face of your fears. 

Friday, April 13, 2018

Quote of the Day

"I see you in the furnace; but the Lord is sitting by it as the refiner of silver; to moderate the fire, and manage the process, so that you shall lose nothing but dross, and be brought forth refined as gold, to praise His name. Apparent difficulties, however great, are nothing to Him. If He speaks, it is done; for to God the Lord belong the issues from death...What He does, however painful to the flesh, must be right, because He does it."
                   - John Newton