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Finding The Praise

What prevents you from praising God? 
I was listening to a song the other day by Christian EDM artist, Owl City, called "Bird With A Broken Wing" in which it mentions that everyone has a life-anthem and his is "the anthem of a bird with a broken wing." And then it hit me as I listened...
Even a bird with a broken wing can still sing. And just maybe a soul ripped in two can still praise. Can still bless. Can still find a song from the depths...even if it is just a broken hallelujah. 
Probably one of the greatest masters at this was the ancient King David. When I skim the Psalms (of which he wrote many), I find a man often at his most desperate place, crying out to God for help, for strength, for justice, and so much more. And I find a musician who is trying to discover a way to praise even in the darkest moments. And I keep seeing a pattern he establishes of: tell God your problem - pour out your soul and pierce the darkness with your prayers for divine assistance -…

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