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What Happens After

I woke up that morning and actually prayed I'd see him that day. He is usually there every year but this time in particular, I needed to see him. To get a hug from somebody I knew would deeply understand. Someone who had learned to survive loss and grow from it. 
No sooner had I arrived at the national cemetery that Memorial Day when I saw him . We hadn't even said hello yet but in my heart I thanked God for answering my prayer. For caring enough to give me something I needed desperately. 
For nearly the last ten years, we have attended this ceremony together and remembered the brave among us who "gave their last full measure of devotion," as Lincoln once put it. Well I recall the first time Josh came to this ceremony. He'd recently moved to the area thanks to a new job, but Alaska had been special to him long before he came here. His best friend, Shane, whom he'd been stationed with in the Army while serving in Iraq, was from here. Shane loved to tell Josh …

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