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Monday, March 30, 2015

Holy Week Musings

 It's the week most commonly referred to as "holy week." For many, this is one of only two times during the year that God has any place in their lives. I find this sad…yet interesting. And it begs a question: why is this week considered to be holier than all the rest? I understand the importance of pausing to remember the sacrifice of Jesus and His subsequent resurrection - this season is probably my favorite - but shouldn't such thoughts of gratitude and reverence permeate every day of my existence? Shouldn't I be continuously thankful for His gracious choosing, for His unconditional love that drove Him to the cross? If so, then every week would be holy! Every day would be sacred! For a Christ-follower like me, it doesn't take a special holiday to remind me of what my God chose to do on my behalf! He didn't have to send His son Jesus to the earth to die. After mankind turned its back on Him, He could've let it all simply end there. But He didn't. Even though my past, present, and future sins lie bare before Him, and He knows the wanderings of my heart and soul far better than I do, that didn't stop Him from willingly going to the cross and giving His life for my eternal destiny. In His death, I find life. Each moment of each day, I have the opportunity to breath a humble thank-you. One week of the year is not what is required for me to appreciate the gift of everlasting hope and life that He offers to me. He deserves my gratitude all year long. When I accept this truth in full and act upon it, every week becomes holy.