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Saturday, November 22, 2014

What Are Your "Thousand Little Things?"

 In listening to this song, I was reminded of the importance of counting our blessings…not just seasonally but year-round! It's the little things - what I call "grace moments" - that keep us in a continual state of thankfulness, even in the hard times of life. 
  Today, as I try to do everyday, I make the choice to notice His gifts. To count the ways He loves me. To enjoy His presence through the many blessings I have been given. And so the list begins:
  1. For the gift of God Himself - that He would want me for His own and choose to love me! That He would give me a new opportunity every day to thank and acknowledge Him in all of life!
  2. For the gift of friendship - that life affords us the pleasure of walking its road with the company of others whom we come to love and appreciate. That there are fellow travelers on the journey who encourage, love, comfort, and bless us along the way. 
  3. For the gift of family - how many people in the world have no one to call their family! And yet I have family all over the world - relatives and close friends alike - who grace me with their care and support every day! 
  4. For the beauty of the world and the place I live in…
  And so the blessings continue. The list goes on. What are your blessings? What are your "thousand little things?" Count the ways!