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Friday, November 14, 2014

Quote of the Day

 " As we continue to see so many of our men and women in the armed services come to terms with post-traumatic stress...doctors and counselors are learning that the very trait that often serves them well on the battlefield - their ability to overlook their own pain, trauma, and terror and focus on their responsibilities - also becomes a debilitating barrier to their healing and restoration once the battle is over and they have returned home to their families. The first step is often simply acknowledging that the horrors they have witnessed were indeed…unfathomable and inhumane. The atrocities witnessed and injuries - to body, mind, and soul - must be respected by attempting to give voice to their ineffable impact. Speaking about what happened tends to open the doorway and allow grief to wash through. Frequently, we are so afraid of the memories, the painful, immeasurable weight of our burdens, that we try to lock and bar the door of our souls to such grief. It feels like the grief will drown us, smother us, choke us with its unspeakable immensity. But in fact grief can be like an antiseptic that cleanses and purifies the contamination that has infiltrated the depths of our hearts."
- T.D. Jakes in Let It Go