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Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Heart-beating Grace

  I remember those days well - the ones where I sat in tears and wondered how life could ever begin again. After such losses, how could I ever love people and life once more? The pain ran so deep. The hurt seemed to cut right through me. Lost in the darkness, hope no longer seemed to be real to me. As I stared at the broken pieces of my once-intact life, I questioned God. Oh, how I questioned Him. 
  And yet, a glimmer of light appeared into the shattered places. A voice spoke peace, saying. "Because of Me, you can start over. I will make the broken beautiful. I will restore. I will renew. I will give life." Over time, I started to believe it. I began to realize that the more I became open to Grace, the more the pain was redeemed. The more I became open to God, the more His love filled in the cracks which the hurt had left gaping wide. The wounds turned into scars. The hands which created the world touched what was broken inside of me and offered the promise of hope. 
  I still have those days. But now, I see the Light shining brightly through. I see the Love that has allowed me to love others and to love life. Although I once thought it never would, Grace has restored and made my heart beat once again. It can do the same for you.