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Friday, April 11, 2014

Simple Pleasures

  I look down at the shoes and socks strewn about on the floor, the pants abandoned in favor of "new" fashion. Out of the closet I hear sounds of laughing girls and rustling dresses. As they appear one by one, I watch as an old debutant gown is pulled out, a cheerleading outfit is donned, and the game of dress-up is in full swing. As we each laugh at the silliness of it all, I realize that this is one of the simple pleasures of being a girl. It's the princess in all of us that loves to pretend and dream of castles, knights, and kings. And even though it may have been awhile since we last pulled out the tea set and placed a fancy hat on our head, the little girl inside has never fully left. As the four of us, cousins all, threw caution to the wind and continued to raid closets, looking for the next dress that caught out eye, it struck me that such joy could be had over something as silly as a crazy outfit. No one was embarrassed. No masks were up. It was all just us. Fully being ourselves. Alive. Embracing. Completely child-like. Free to be who we are without shame. It was over far too soon, this fun we enjoyed, this moment of pure delight. But it brought us together. It forced the love out: love of life, love to each heart the same, bonding in simple pleasure, savoring the beauty of a care-free experience. I want to retain such pleasure, to hold onto and cherish what I felt amid the piles of over-sized clothing long since worn. The giggles still ring in my mind. And my heart sings. Once again, I soak it up, thankful, alive.