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Friday, April 25, 2014

Quote of the Day

  " In affliction we learn the lesson of the necessity of living by faith and not feeling or perception. God teaches this by the uncertainty of life's changes: hope today, and tomorrow at the point of death; good news today, and bad tomorrow; comfort here, and soul-wounding terror there. O the ebbs and flows of earthly hopes! What a woeful, heart-dividing life is the life of sense!...It is bandied up and down between hopes and fears, to be baffled to and fro between maybes. It is like the mariners upon the tempestuous sea. They mount up to heaven, then down again to the depths. Their soul is melted because of trouble. They reel to and fro and stagger like a drunken man and are at their wit's end. Thus, God teaches the necessity of a life of faith through our disappointments."
                                      - Thomas Case in Voices From the Past *

* This book is available from Banner of Truth Trust and is copyrighted 2009.