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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

A Returned Prodigal

  I see now how much God really loves me. He was so patient to wait for me to cease my wandering. Somewhere in the journey, I stopped believing. I lied to myself that He wasn't enough, that His wounds that bled for redemption somehow fell short. Darkness was a better choice - better than exposing what I felt I had to hide. I refused to know the Grace I heard that He could offer and would not allow Him to heal the bruised heart within me. I took all I had and, instead, ran away from the Love He wanted to give me. I shut Him out and left His open arms in search of something else. How it must have pained Him to see me turn and bid Him good-bye. Yet, He waited and continued to call me to return to what I had thrown away. When I came back, a broken soul with crushed dreams, He still stood there with open arms.
  As I found His embrace, I asked if He had been there the whole time. "Child," He said, while wiping away the dust and tears from my face, "I never left. You did. But forgiveness covers all. I knew you'd return because you belong to me. Although you couldn't see me, I was there. I kept my promise to never leave. Welcome back to Love. Come, and join the prodigals who have returned back to me."