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Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Quote of the Day

"Many times in my life God has asked me to wait when I wanted to move forward. He has kept me in the dark when I asked for light. To my pleas for guidance His answer has often been Sit still... 
I like to see progress. I look for evidence that God is at least doing something. If the Shepherd leads us beside still waters when we were hoping for 'white water' excitement, it is hard to believe anything really vital is taking place. God is silent...The stillness is hard to bear - and God knows that. He knows our frame and remembers we are made of dust. He is very patient with us when we are trying to be patient with Him...
Waiting is an offering and a sacrifice. We may lift up our very waiting to Him as a daily oblation, in a spirit of expectancy...Waiting on God in this way is true faith - no agenda of one's own, no deadlines, no demands on what God must do. Simply an open heart and open hands ready to receive that which God shall choose, and a perfect confidence that what He chooses will be better than our best."
                      - Elisabeth Elliot in The Path of Loneliness