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Tuesday, February 28, 2017

A Place To Rest

A Place To Rest

Where can I find the answers to the things not understood?
the things I couldn't know would come my way? 
When what I planned so carefully unravels thread by thread
and in its place, a garment full of fray?
I was looking forward soon to living out my life
enjoying all the fruits of my long toil;
But now there is a bitter taste that I did not expect;
how could the plans I made now come to spoil?

It's at these times that vex my soul when I must stop to think
that maybe what I ask, I ask amiss.
Could it be my focus should be placed on something else
instead of that which took away my bliss?
For if I look back o'er my life at others I have known
I'll find that I don't struggle all alone.
Answers to life's questions surely all mankind does ask,
but as with me, they oft remain unknown.

This is when my God does gently redirect my thoughts
to only that which can bring peace of mind.
The Truth from which not only will I find a place to rest,
but any understanding I'm to find.
And even though my self-filled heart demands to have its way,
in quietness, my God gives this one thought;
When I think I have to know, He softly says to me,
"Know that I am God, and you are not."

- David L. Vanderpool