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Saturday, February 11, 2017

Quote of the Day

"...God will [not] always gives us what we want if we make him the priority in our lives. He's not a genie who's there to do our bidding if we simply say or do the right things. He may or he may not. He is God, and he is not obligated to do what we think he should. For some, coming to Christ might result in losing a job or important relationships. It might mean any number of difficulties or hardships. The Bible tells us that Christians will suffer for the sake of Christ, so don't expect life always to be easy if you're faithful in following the Lord. Yet he's faithful to us through our struggles, even if they never go away...
No matter what happens, God is a gracious, loving father who delights in doing good things for his people...the Lord is kind and is quick to pour out blessings on those who love him, even if they come in ways we do not expect...What an amazing God, who deserves our praise and our devotion. It's easy to say that when things go your way, but it's no less true when they don't. Even a defeat is an opportunity for me to say how good God is."
                            - David Boudia in Greater Than Gold