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Monday, October 5, 2015

Yielded Faith

 I walk along my neighborhood road and look at the fallen trees. An early snowstorm did its damage the other day, weighing down the still leave-laden branches. I stroll on and I think to myself: maybe this is an analogy for life. Perhaps there might be truth for the soul hidden in this scene I behold. 

The thought occurs to me that so often, God uses snow as a picture of the purifying effect of Himself on the heart. There is the promise that the scarlet-red of my sins will be made white as snow in the redemptive work of Him who makes all things new (Isaiah 1:18). There is the hope-laden confirmation that His words of life will come to the receptive soul as sure as the snow falls from heaven and will offer water to the parched (Isaiah 55:10). I also see that I am often like the trees that now lie fallen and life-less on the ground. I have been, at times, inflexible and unwilling to bend under the weight of His purifying and sanctifying work. I have not accepted the pressing conviction of the Almighty and have fought to walk the paths of His mysterious ways. The trials which He intended for my benefit have, instead, become my enemies, and I have snapped in anger. In doing so, I have cut off myself from the Grace that makes me live and have meaning. I have died in the soul. 

 As my feet walk along the crispy leaves on the road and the crunchy sound of fresh snow meets my ears, I feel my heart open in repentance to God. I beg His forgiveness for the many times I have failed to receive His instruction, even when it came in the form of hardship and suffering. I failed to bend with the cold winters when they came. I thank Him for never failing to extend His grace to me. It is renewed for me every morning. Each day there is fresh supply. I thank Him that He remains faithful in spite of my faithlessness and that He will always find a way to reach my soul and bring me hope. But I must be open to Him. I must allow the snow to fall and to purify. The life-giving words of my Lord to lay hard if necessary. For, as it melts into the hardness of my heart, I will be restored and sanctified to a glory reserved for those who know Him as their Savior.