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Saturday, October 3, 2015


 I found it as I was walking through a small booth at the state fair. A simple little purse with a profound message - one that I need daily. It hangs in my room now, a small reminder of why I live and in Whom I am fulfilled. One sentence can change everything, can right the soul in a world gone wrong with pride and selfishness. I look over to my bookshelf and I see it there, plain and clear: Gratitude turns what we have into enough. 

 I sit and ponder this thought. Could so much of our trouble stem from the sin-root that first took down "the mother of all living," Eve? That one idea that He isn't enough causes us to feel as though all that we have isn't enough…and it all keeps rolling toward discontentment and eventually nothing is enough, and the gratitude has left. All the possessions, even the God-given blessings in life, aren't enough if He isn't enough. They become replacements for the one thing that truly matters: Him. When my spirit is tuned toward Him in thankfulness, when my heart is open to ways in which He loves, then and only then can I be truly grateful. Only then can what I have be enough because this world will fade and everything with it. Stuff will decay, break, get old. But He remains. Always, He remains. If it all were to be taken today, I would have the only thing necessary to sustain my grace-famished heart: I would have my Savior. In that moment, I could look up and smile to the heavens while I breathe, "Take this world, but give me Jesus." 
 So much of what I think I need is only the upside-down illusion of my mind. I don't really need all that. I only need to cling to the one, sure hope I have - the surety of my faith in a risen Lord who saw fit to love a broken sinner like me. That is all the comfort I need. I can walk through anything, lose anything, give up anything as long as I have Him. Being thankful…thankful for Him…turns what I have into enough, and that is all I really need.