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Monday, October 12, 2015

Seeing Through

 What do you choose when the days are long and the trials are many? What do you choose when loved ones' ill health keep sending them to the ER? How do you find peace when the nights are long? When sin seems to come creeping and preying on you while vulnerable? 
 I can feel the heart rate speeding up. The doubts, the what-ifs come flooding in with no end. I sense the dis-quiet in the soul. The joy is leaving. The worries are taking over. Stop! Stop this madness!!
 But into this chaos of the mind I hear it loud: look for God! Perhaps He is up to something. No trial has befallen anyone without a redemptive plan in mind. Because that's how He works. Maybe some lost soul looking for hope needed to see Christ at this moment and that's why these things have happened. So that we could be His hope-bearers. So that He could shine. I breathe, and I slow. The heart-pounding eases, and I trust. I choose belief over fear. I choose to see through. I pray for Grace because, in this faithless moment, I need a large dose of it! I can fall into His peace because He is here. Right here. Full of all that I need to get me through. 
 Some days, life challenges you with everything it's got. It has done so to me lately. But I still praise. I still thank and bless. Because my God is good. Even when things seem to be going all wrong, I can rest in the truth that He rules the world - my world - with love and grace. And there is more than enough in Him to sustain me and carry me through. I can see light…even in the dark.