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Friday, December 16, 2016

What Is Your True Wish?

What do you really wish for? 
I mean...think about it...what is it that you deeply long for above all else? For many, this season brings back longings that hurt deep. It conjures up remembrances of people lost during the year, of friendships gone cold, of all things meant to steal the joy right out of the Christmas-time. People long for love, for hope...for Grace to light the dark parts and renew the faith. And all the while...songs of peace on earth, goodwill, and cheer to all ring through the stores, shops, and radio...but somehow, the longings still remain. 
 And yet...even while we feel this pressing neediness, this desire for belonging, this want for true living...we put our wishes on things that don't last. We ask for better jobs, vacations, promotions. But what we really want are the things that last. 
 Recently, I watched an interesting movie that precipitated this post. The movie is called  "A Dream of Christmas." The main character is on a quest for personal success. She has many ambitions and things that she wants out of life...but when she wishes for all those things, she discovers that she loses more than she ever gains. Toward the end of the movie, she realizes that, in the love of family and friends, she has everything she ever truly wanted. 

 What do we really want? Is it not to be loved, to belong, to live fully? To be thankful for the little Grace-moments that make up our days? To slow down the racing of time, to savor more and cherish those we care about?  To notice the blessings that fill our seconds, to open our hearts to the One who is the reason for our existence? 
 Perhaps a little honesty is needed...instead of asking for things, maybe we should open our eyes to what is already there right in front of us. Maybe the gifts we seek the most have already been granted to us and our ingratitude reveals what is truly lacking! Just maybe...our wish should be for a thankful heart. Just maybe...slowing down time and appreciating what God has already gifted is the best Christmas present ever. Because...if we're honest...are not His giftings always the best?!