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Wednesday, December 21, 2016

The Little Things

 In my bedroom, I have this little sign that says, "Enjoy the little things." It's a simple statement...but filled with more meaning than I often give it credit for. I was reminded of it's truth a couple of times this past week while driving to and from town. A sunset the other afternoon - sky all blazing fire-orange and the clouds streaking golden glory; a snowstorm while the Christmas carols floated over the stereo, speaking of Christmases all white and memories to cherish. Yes...these are the moments that make me. These are the Grace-moments that change who I am and how I see life. How I live life. 
 I often find that my days roll by too fast. I am left to fall into bed after a long day and wonder...where did those 24 hours go?!? The older I get, the more I want it to slow down. The more I want to slow down me. Because life isn't about this giant race against this thing called time. When God created this beautiful gift called life, I don't think He intended that His created would be running around wild, trying to fulfill everything and anything in an effort to do more, to get ahead,!? 
 We call it living but it's really merely existing. I learned the difference awhile back...and it has changed everything. Existing means you're breathing; you are a functioning human being, and you have a beating heart. Living means that you understand how to slow down your racing self and learn to find your purpose in something greater than what the world calls success. You start to live when you begin to thank, to praise. You reach new levels of appreciation for what you have when you stop and consider that even the breath you just took is a heavenly gifting. Living happens when you face your fears with Grace-given bravery and choose faith instead. Living happens when you stop seeing everything as a problem and rather, choose to see as a possibly...a chance for God to show up big. 
 As I journey further into this Grace-living, I pray for greater sight. I don't want to rush by things that God desires to use to open my heart further. I could just drive through the snowstorm but miss the beauty along the way. I could be so focused on my to-do list that I fail to see the sunset and to acknowledge the Giver of all things. 
 And so I say it out loud...and long...and often: enjoy the little things! It needs to not be just an inspiring message on a sign in my needs to become a life mantra. It needs to shake up my soul apathy and spur me to greater levels of communion with my Maker. This Christmas...and every day...may I choose to live with open heart and open hand. In so doing, maybe I will come to behold little miracles I can only dream of now.