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Friday, May 20, 2016

Quote of the Day

"The glorious and infinite God, who made the worlds, and upholds them by his word, who is praised continually by his heavenly hosts; this God, has sent you a joyful message to raise you from the dust, and banish the terrors and troubles from your hearts, and help you to live like the sons of God. He takes notice of your sorrows. He stands close by when you do not see him and feel he has forsaken you. He attends you with the greatest tenderness when you say he has forgotten you. He numbers your sighs and bottles up your tears. He feels the groans of your heart. Providence heaps up mountains of daily mercies, but do you see and feel and taste his mercy and love? Do you live wholly on it? Do you doubt it, and so hardly acknowledge it? The flesh plays a part in this and the remnants of our corruption. The serpent will always bee suggesting false thoughts of God. But soon, our Redeemer will return to give you such a convincing demonstration of his love as to leave no room for one more doubt...Looking off to these yet unseen blessings is an eminent part of our faith. It is in the apprehension and expectation of our yet unseen heavenly blessings that our earthly peace and safety depend."
                                         - Richard Baxter in Voices From the Past