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Monday, May 16, 2016

Miracle Moments

 When I was younger, I realize that I missed so much. I missed because I didn't know where to look. I didn't understand the power of what I call "miracle moments" - those special touches from God that remind you that you're loved always, that He exists, and that He cares about you in a deeply personal way.
 Over the years as I have begun to notice the seemingly small but significant ways that God demonstrates His notice and care of us human beings, it has changed everything for me. My life has become one big giant discovery of the "thousand little things" every day that speak, "He is with you."
 On a recent family vacation I saw this concept in full display. Just to name a few of the "little things"...

The day I got the privilege of sitting in the Princeton University chapel, taking in the tremendous history of the place and its campus - thinking of the amazing preachers of God who graced its pulpit and the future leaders of a new nation whose spiritual minds were formed under their teaching. Then, as an added gift from Him, the chapel organist came to practice that afternoon, filling the chapel with the sounds of beauty and lifting my soul to Heaven.

A beautiful afternoon when I visited the Johnson Ferry House on the banks of the Delaware River and learned of the Slack family who lived there: God-fearing people who felt called to assist the cause of liberty on December 25, 1776 as they helped Gen. George Washington and his rag-tag Continental Army safely cross the Delaware and have a safe place to re-group before their surprise attack on the Hession barracks in Trenton, NJ. Realizing what hours of studying the scriptures took place there, what prayers were raised there...feeling the lingering power of God there...that was yet another miracle moment. 


Taking a warm, sunny day to visit the home of George Washington, Mount Vernon, and seeing an eagle take flight over the rooftop of his beloved Potomac River abode:

Paying respect at the grave of the "father of our country," George Washington, and seeing the inscription above his tomb: a verse of scripture from John 11:25: "I am the resurrection and the life. He who believeth in me, though he were dead, yet shall he live again." 

The countless other times when God granted little blessings, unplanned opportunities, a special moments that showcased His care about every aspect of this poor life of mine. To me, the longer I go on, this life is one great miracle. The fact that God chose me to live at this specific time in history shows that He has big plans and great work for this fainting heart to do - if only I will trust Him and accept His will. The amazing wonder that He called this doubting soul to Himself and demonstrated grace while it cared little for Him! - radical love expressed in full through His death, burial, and subsequent resurrection! 
 You see...your life and mine is no accident...and these "miracle moments" are everywhere as tokens of the grace and love of our Savior. These gifts prove that He holds this vast world in His capable hands and that He is invested in each of our lives in a special way. We are not alone. We are not our own. We have been chosen to play a unique and awesome part in God's plan for humanity, and we will become more embracing of that plan when we stop and take notice of the ways in which He is actively working. He never ceases His labors, never stops revealing Himself to us in exciting and fresh ways. But sometimes we can miss it because our eyes are blind and our ears are closed. Don't lose out on the greatest journey you'll ever take: that of walking with God and seeing Him show you the many miracles He has in store for special you!