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Friday, May 27, 2016

Facing the Impossible

 What do you do when you're facing the impossible? It's a question I've been asking myself a lot lately...because faith seems to be demanded of me every single day.  
  I'm beginning to understand that life often offers us things that seem impossible. If we're realistic, marriage honestly is sort of an impossibility: truly - how do you love another fallible human being and continue to forgive and give grace when you yourself seem to lack it? Parenting is often the same: how can you keep raising a young life and teaching them to believe God and to love their neighbor and to do right when your own weaknesses betray you and you fall short more often than you want to admit? Being a friend calls you to be selfless and to think of another more than yourself but sometimes all you want is to think of your own just stop giving out because - well, it's impossible. Work offers us impossibilities too: how to please that difficult boss or co-worker than simply wants to make life hard for you. Our health sometimes leaves us facing certain death and wondering if miracles are simply fable and this crisis is impossible. The list could go on and on of things that we stare down and, if you're like me, sometimes you just want to run and hide. Forget trying to be brave, be true, and face fear. Just forget everything because - you can't handle it. 
 I'm starting to realize though how many times I must deal with an impossibility of daily life that makes me want to fear, to worry, to elevate the heart rate in hopes that somehow that will solve the situation and will bring peace to my mind. I'm seeing how many times I am, simply put, blind. Blind to the one thing that will lead me to the green pastures of life and grace. Blind to the Savior who promised to carry all my burdens for me, to give me yoke that is easy and a burden that is light (Matt. 11:30). 
 I am noticing now that so much of my trouble is self-made. I create my own storms when there is no reason except my own distress. I miss so much because I am focused on the impossible instead of the One with whom all things are possible! My unbelief keeps me from so many blessings because I am focused on trying to be my own solution. He has showed me the way to true happiness: to walk humbly with Him. To believe even when I see no answers. To trust even when the road gets hard. That's all He has asked of me. So why, in my foolishness, do I think that I can do His part and mine?! He hasn't required me to figure it all out. Only to place my hand in His and to keep on saying "yes." 
 The path to abundant grace-living isn't about coming up with solutions. It isn't about trying harder and doing more. It's quite the opposite. It's about simply letting go. Leaving a chaotic world filled with uncertainty in the capable hands of the Master and leaving my worries with Him. Doing so won't eliminate the impossibilities but it will instead create opportunities for the possibilities to be seen. It will inspire moments of praise and wonder for the way in which His answers have come...not on my own timing but on His. Not in my own way but in His. 
 So today...turn loose of your fears and face the world bravely. Because your Savior is standing strong beside you and giving you the assurance that it's His battle to fight after all. It's His job to take care of you. So let Him do it and simply follow.