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Friday, April 15, 2016

Quote of the Day

"Some have questioned how Christ can love us when he denies many temporal blessings. Outward blessings however are never a sign of love or hatred. You cannot conclude that Christ hates you because he afflicts; or that he loves you because you are blessed in temporal blessings. The smallest drop of grace is a greater sign of Christ's love than all the glory and pleasures of the earth...Afflictions are far from being signs of Christ's hatred. Many times they are evidence of His love. The people of God only lack what is bad for them. God has promised to withhold no good thing. A father who loves his child only keeps things from him for his good, because he loves him. You can conclude that if you lack something of enjoyment, it is withheld since it is not best for you. It is no defect in the love of Christ, but a defect in what you are asking for."
                           - David Clarkson in Voices from the Past