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Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Beautiful Things

 Beautiful things. They surround us every day. But how often do we notice them? How often do we take a moment to thank the Creator for the many ways He manifests His love? The countless times He blesses? 
 Just the simple fact that I am breathing in this moment is a gift. And the amazing truth that I am allowed to have a relationship with the One who made me is the greatest gift of all! 
 This world and all that's in it was made by God and for Him alone. While mankind has sinfully tainted it in many ways, somehow there is still a remaining beauty everywhere we look...because He is beautiful in and of Himself. He is the One by which all beauty is measured and, in looking at the creation around us, the gift of friendship, the blessing of kindness, and so much more, we can begin to grasp the heart of God. And when we know Him personally, we can start to see Grace displayed in so many ways. Even in the hard things, we can know that there is goodness still to be had. Because He is good. And we are always loved.
 I believe we can only truly begin to fulfill our reason for being on this earth when we start to center our focus around the God for whom all this awesomeness exists. If we begin to look for the countless manifestations of His care and love, it will change how we live. It will transform how we think. It will alter the trajectory of our futures. Because won't simply be about us anymore. It will be about Him. And because our eyes are open to His gifts, our hearts will become open to His love.