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Thursday, April 7, 2016

Big Faith In A World of Fear

 The heart rate speeds, and the mind flies from one thought to another. Anxious feelings drive me more than I like to admit. Deadlines loom large. Questions about how things will work out or what direction to take. All these things? They take my peace and steal my joy. In the midst of such maddening fears, faith gets lost. I cease to look to the Source of my life and take my gaze off the One who alone gives calm in a world gone crazy. 
 And yet, in the midst of my self-made confusion, He speaks. Often through the little things, He reminds me gently that fear is just a lie. He tells me that I will once again be centered on what really matters if I'll just open my eyes and count the ways He loves. If I'll just remember that He holds all in His capable hands. And didn't He once say that even the little birds do not fall to the ground without His notice? That the very hairs on my head are numbered and known by Him? "Do not be afraid," is His message. For my life is worth more than the little birds (Matthew 10:29-31). 
 Faith. I'm beginning to see how much I need it daily. How often I am led toward unbelief because I do not trust Him! This journey of Grace takes so much heart! Fighting the fear, facing the doubts - it takes courage in abundance! And only He can provide it.