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Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Quote of the Day

"…I have found that there is no effectual teacher but God. We can receive no more than He is pleased to communicate; no knowledge is truly useful but what is made by experience. Many things I thought I had learned would not stand in an hour of temptation, until I had in this way learned them over again…I am still a learner, and the Lord still condescends to teach me. I have attained but very little, but I trust in Him to carry on His work in my soul, and by His grace and providence to increase my knowledge of Him and of myself…My desire to serve the Lord is not weakened, but I am not as hasty to push myself forward as I was formerly. It is sufficient that He knows how to dispose of me, and that He both can and will do what is best. To Him I command myself. I trust that His will and my true interest are inseparable. To His name be glory."
                                                     - John Newton