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Saturday, May 16, 2015

What God Is To Me

 Several years ago, I was introduced to a beautiful poem that I would like to share with you. It was written in the 1300s and was later set to music by the British composer, John Rutter. It echoes my love for the God I call Lord and Friend and the many ways in which He surpasses all that this life can ever offer. He alone fully satisfies.

As The Bridegroom To His Chosen

As the bridegroom to his chosen,
As the king unto his realm,
As the keeper to the castle,
As the pilot to the helm,
As the captain to his soldiers,
As the shepherd to his lambs,
So, Lord, art thou to me.

As the fountain in the garden.
As the candle in the dark,
As the treasure in the coffer,
As the manna in the ark,
As the firelight in the winter,
As the sunlight in the spring,
So, Lord, art thou to me.

As the music at the banquet,
As the stamp unto the seal,
As refreshment to the fainting,
As the wine-cup at the meal,
As the singing on the feast-day,
As the amen to the prayer,
So, Lord, art thou to me.

As the ruby in the setting,
As the honey in the comb,
As the light within the lantern,
As the father in the home,
As the eagle in the mountains,
As the sparrow in the nest,
So, Lord, art thou to me.

As the sunshine in heavens,
As the image in the glass,
As the fruit unto the fig-tree,
As the dew upon the grass,
As the rainbow on the hilltop,
As the river in the plain,
So, Lord, art thou to me.

- John Tauler