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Saturday, January 24, 2015

The Little Things

 Snowflakes fall gently down from moisture-laden skies. It is the first major snowfall in over two months. For my area of Alaska, it has been a strange winter with far less snow accumulation than normal. Even though winter is my favorite season, I am particularly happy to see these unique and beautiful bits of frozen crystals floating down to a bare world. We have waited so long for this to happen, and we seemingly cheer on every snowflake. The frozen earth is being transformed. Beauty is returning to it once again, particles coming together to form a blanket of white. 
 I stare outside and think back to all the times it tried to snow before but left us only with dashed hopes. To see it falling again reminds me that it is the little things that make life special. It's the little gifts from God - often preceded by times of waiting - that bring that extra touch of grace to the human heart. When one is truly intent on experiencing God, one will begin to see His love manifested in thousands of little blessings every day. This empty world can make one lose sight so quickly of what truly matters, and we can begin to miss the countless ways in which God reveals His care. The most vital aspect of life - gratitude - slips right through our fingers, and we are left with nothing. The only way to find true abundance is through acknowledging the grace-moments - the little things that remind us of the Creator and His unconditional love. 
 As the drifts pile deep, and the flakes keep on coming, I breath a quiet, "Thank you," for yet another instance where I am gifted the opportunity to be grateful to the One who orchestrates all this for His pleasure…and for mine.