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Friday, January 16, 2015

Forever Good

 Oh what a beautiful place it is to arrive at when you can say, "If none of my desires come to fruition, God is still good." 
  I reflect back on my life, and I see that there was once a time where, as the story was being re-written, I placed demands on its Author in an effort to be in control: "God, if you'll do (this), then I'll be happy. God, if you would only make (this) happen, then I'll trust you." But, every time, God kept saying no. I interpreted His delays as being denial - as a sign that He did not love me and did not care. And this made me angry. I felt as if I deserved to be granted certain things I wanted. I wanted to keep something or someone…just for a little part of the story to go "my way." But, in time, I came to realize how very wrong I was to believe this. It became clearer to me that God's delays were not because He did not love me - they were because He wanted something better for my life than anything I could dream or hope for! 
  As He has turned one page after another, I see that the greatest act of submission to God is to accept the "if not." We all have things we wish would take place in our life-story, but we must subject those desires to the wisdom of the Author of Life. Only He truly knows what is best for us. Were we left to write our own story, we would fail miserably. 
  Today, I see my life as it unfolds, and I am thankful for every blessing. But I am also resigned because I know that, no matter what, He is forever God…and He is still good.