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Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Because of Grace

Because of Grace

Shattered, our lives in pieces lie;
All hope seems just about to die;
We sit and mourn the life we knew -
Moments of joy seem very few.

Held within our pain so deep,
Night after night, we cannot sleep;
"Where is God?" - we wonder why
He seems far off instead of nigh.

But, in the darkness, Light appears
And seems to wipe away our tears;
Hope returns within our soul,
Cleanses, then makes fully whole.

We do not choose the time or place
Where God will meet us with His grace
But in that moment, love will find
Its way into our heart and mind.

The hurt we carried for so long
Has been replaced by wondrous song;
Open, we take and now embrace
The life we have because of grace.