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Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Quote of the Day

" This night a battle has been waged and won for you. Love had to get you. The Love that has been coming for you since the beginning - He slays dragons for you. This is the truest love story of history, and it's His Story, and it's for you. All the other fairy-tale stories only echo your yearning for this truest, realest one - this one that has its beginning before the beginning of time. This night, you on this visited planet, your rescue is here. You can breathe. Your God extends now on straw. He lays Himself down in your mire. He unfolds Himself in the stench you want to hide, in that mess that is your impossible, in the mucked straw you don't want anyone to know. Rejected at the inn, holy God comes in small to where you feel rejected and small. God is with you now. Wherever you are - in a soundless cry or hidden brokenness or in your ache - God always wants to be with you. You are not ever left alone in this. We are never left alone in this; God is with us. This is Love you can't comprehend. You can only feel and touch this kind. There, in the place where you feel rejected, you can be touched by God."
- Ann Voskamp in The Greatest Gift