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Saturday, December 20, 2014

A Soldier's Wish

Several years ago, I wrote this poem in honor of those who spend Christmas away from loved ones due to military deployment. Even though the miles separate them from us, they are still celebrating Christmas in their hearts with us. 

A Soldier's Wish

At Christmastime the heart goes home,
And loved ones gather near
To celebrate the season's joy 
With friends who are so dear.
But this year I won't be there
'Cuz my duty's called me here;
There's no snow or sounds of Christmas
To gently soothe my ear.
But I have plans to travel home
Though not by plane or car;
I am going home for Christmas,
Though, from friends, I am so far.
I will still be there in spirit,
Far away as it might seem;
I am going home for Christmas,
If only in a dream.

There will be no pie, no Christmas tree,
No sounds of Christmas mirth,
No gaiety or creche displayed
To honor Jesus' birth.
But in my heart I've made a place
For Christ to feel at home,
Though I'm always on my gun
And have so far to roam.
I am treasuring the memories,
Though, from them, I'm apart;
I am going home for Christmas
 If only in my heart.

Though we are separated, friends,
Go on, and toast the season,
For I'll be there, and this we know:
That Jesus is the reason.
I'll hear your songs, your laughter, too,
And, in my heart, I'll say:
I am going home for Christmas,
Though I'm miles far away.