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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Steps of Purpose

 I walked along the creaky floors. They were worn with time, having been trodden upon for nearly two centuries. The town which housed the building in which I now stood had been established in the 1850s.
 Many feet had walked on these wooden boards. I stood there...amazed at their longevity and the incredible sense of history I felt.
 I began to think: shouldn't my life be a well-worn path of purpose by which others may come and see the Way? Like these old floors, shouldn't the steps I tread leave a legacy of hope for future generations? I was moved as I stared at the floor once again. How little I often realize the marks I leave behind me! Even more than just living a life of purpose and setting a worthy example - I must do more. Shouldn't I lead them to follow the One I know and love? Do not His footsteps matter more than mine?!! He has set out the course by which I must abide. Others can be led toward His truth because of how I live, and that is the example I want to set. I want my footsteps to be traced in the footsteps of my Savior. I want those who come behind me to be inspired to believe because my life point them to the cross. I want them to discover grace. To discover God.
 Once more, I run my feet across the beaten floor. The way I walk has also been trodden by many. I am not alone. The precious words of an old hymn come to mind, and I adapt them to make it more fitting to my own prayer and desire:

"Sweetly, Lord, have  [I] heard Thee calling,
Come, follow Me;
And [I] see where Thy footsteps falling
Lead [me]to Thee.

  Footprints of Jesus 
   That make the pathway glow;
   [I] will follow the steps of Jesus
   Where're they go."

 Yes...I will follow Him wherever He leads and will hope to leave behind me steps of purpose by which other lives may be led to follow Him also.