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Saturday, October 25, 2014



You stand on the brink of disaster;
You feel the sting of pain;
You watch your dreams go crumbling
Time and time again.
You stare right into darkness;
You search for empty light;
You cry for any beacon 
To lead you through the night.
But though you're worn and tired
And wander very far,
Child, beat and broken,
God can reach you where you are.

You're waiting for a verdict;
You know the shame you bear,
But in your hopeless hour,
No human soul is there.
You fight through endless longings;
You push away the sin
But only find that, over time, 
More and more comes in.
You're looking for a Savior,
A shining Light, a Star -
Child, torn and broken,
God can reach you where you are.

You cannot see life's dawning;
You are too weak to stand;
But, to the saving rescue,
There comes an out-stretched hand.
With arms so full of mercy,
And eyes so full of love,
Grace is at the ready -
God-breathed from above.
Embracing to the fullest,
With light that streams afar -
Child, worn and broken,
Let Him reach you where you are!


*copyrighted 2014 Katherine Singer