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Wednesday, October 22, 2014


 I stare at the leaves, brown and covered with a thick layer of late-Autumn frost. What was once green and full of life is now dead and lifeless. All looks of an end. All appears hardened and cold. 
 I think of my own soul. Just like the leaves, I feel covered in a cold frost that is life's trials. The lifelessness runs deep. Penetrates low. I long to feel alive as I once did not that long ago. 

   Just then, I look around, and I realize that the sun is shining. The warmth is trying to seep through the icy-cold and thaw. As it does its work, the frost begins to sparkle and shine. Beauty always comes from the cold places. The Son of my soul brings warmth to the dying places, thaws out the hard and life-less corners of my heart. I am not beyond His reach. I am never so distant that He cannot call. That He cannot warm with His love. Unlike the leaves which can never come alive again, I can be re-born. Renewed in the depths of my soul and mind. Emptiness giving way to fullness. I can be resurrected and brought to life abundant. 
  Sun causes the ice crystals to soften and turn to water. The drops are moisture to a thirsty heart. The Water of Life makes new. 
  Given the promise of hope, I breathe a silent "thank-you" because these moments of spiritual sight are all around. These moments are from Him.