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Saturday, October 11, 2014

Music - A Soothing Balm

 Music. It's a beautiful thing...
I sit down and begin to play the piano. As notes flow from the ivories and into the lobby of a hospital in southern Oregon, I become aware that there are more ears listening than just mine and my family members. Patients are coming out of their rooms to listen. The soaring strains fill the large room. There are about sweet surrender, of delighting in God because He knows me. Perhaps others can hear it say the same.

 It is late in the evening, and I must go home. After many unexpected "thank you"s, the impromptu concert is over.
 I drive away more convinced than ever of the soothing ability of music, of the fact that it is one of the ways through which God reaches a hurting world. Music can comfort both body and soul and is documented as having strong healing capabilities. I have long seen this to be true both in my life and the lives of others. There is something about the way the notes come together, the way they unite in a melody of song, that lifts the heart when it grows heavy. Maybe this is because God has said that we were made for "the praise of His glory" and that I honor Him most when I offer back to Him the tune in my heart. Because the joy originated with Him. He began the song. And I am merely the echo. Sometimes it comes with a less than happy strain, but it still comes. And He blesses. And I feel the Grace return.
 Music. Where would I be...where would this world be...without it?!! It truly is a beautiful thing.