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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Seeing In Part

 I drive along the highway, and the fog hangs low. Like a fluffy, white veil, clouds hide the majestic mountains in front of me. Against the colorless sky, the golden trees of Fall stand out brilliantly. As I gaze at the landscape, I realize that, so often, I see dimly. Much of life, like these mountains, is shrouded in mystery. We see only in part. There is so much that remains hidden; there are questions that remain unanswered, conflicts that never get resolved, tragedies that seem to occur without warning. From the myopic view we have, we try to make sense of it all. We try to trust when we cannot see. We attempt to believe when everything around us tells us otherwise. Just as I had to believe that those mountains existed behind the fog - even though I could see nothing of them.

 The pale shroud begins to lift, and I can see more. It becomes clear to me now: Faith must intervene. I must be given Grace to accept what I know to be true, what I believe to exist, even if I see dimly. Because, after all, God doesn't reveal to us everything that life holds. And thank goodness He doesn't! We probably would never learn to accept if we knew all that was in store! But I think He withholds from us complete view so that we will discover what trust is all about. 
   The mountain peaks are now fully seen. So too, I learn to see, with the eyes of faith, what is hidden. What can only be viewed through the soul. Grace disguised will one day become Grace revealed. The veil will lift, and all will become clear.