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Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Same Hands

I get out of the car to take a picture...because it is too beautiful a day not to stop and admire. These mountains: (R to L) McKinley, Hunter, Foraker, aren't usually seen this clearly. I stand there, and I thank - a moment of worship and tranquility beside a busy road. They drive on past, missing this scene of beauty. The world rushes on, but I determine not to miss these Grace moments. I realize that the same Hands that crafted these amazing mountains are the same Hands that created me. The same Hands the hold the world in place are the same Hands that hold mine and assure me that I do not walk through life alone. How could I not acknowledge Him? How could I not be grateful?
Because without those Hands guiding me, loving me, caring for me, I would be lost in this world with no One to thank.