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Monday, May 26, 2014

Silent Graves

Silent Graves

Across the silent graves I hear
The sound of one who sheds a tear;
Standing, crying, all alone,
Hopeless, grieving on their own.
Down within the darkened sod
Lies a soldier home with God.

Across the silent graves there floats
The mournful tone of bugle notes,
Reminding those who walk on by,
Bringing moisture to the eye:
Here rests those who gave it all
To heed their country's fervent call.

Across the silent graves I see
A story writ in memory:
"A son," "a husband, father, friend,"
"Faithful to the very end,"
Lives cut short by war's disgrace;
 Each name there reveals a face.

Across the silent graves I feel
A sense of peace as there I kneel,
Pause to say I mourn those lost,
Remember just how dear the cost
And out, beyond the silent graves,
The flag they fought for proudly waves.

*Thanks to Forest Brooks for providing the photo for this post.