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Saturday, May 17, 2014

A Refining God

   I believe in a God who refines. If I didn't, I would have no hope. Neither would humanity. None at all. Suffering happens for this reason: refining. It is the removing of what doesn't belong. That is what God does in every situation, no matter how hopeless. He is resolved to take away that which remains of a former existence, a life lived in shame and despair, broken pieces and darkness at every step. It shouldn't stay.
   And yet, for some reason, I resist His process. I refuse to be put into the fire that makes me better. I complain of the heat and try to turn God into an unfair tyrant. But, if I only knew, if I only believed in my deepest soul, I would accept. I would trust. I would have faith. My heart would not question. My mind would not ask. I would not fear. Still, however, so often that's what I do. I fight what I do not comprehend, demanding answers when there aren't always any. I force God to explain Himself. 
     But, if I was willing to be refined, all would make sense. All would become Grace. Peace everlasting. If I truly desired the end result, I would say yes and let Him work. I would cease the striving to understand. I would find meaningful purpose in the midst of the pain of life. Hope comes when I know the final outcome will be for my betterment. Until then, the stripping away will continue, the removal of everything that hinders, all that hides. God will carry out the process to completion: refine, restore, renew. Never-ending, it will be all for Him. And I will be changed for the better.