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Thursday, May 29, 2014

Inspiring Profiles Update

 Last week, I shared with you the inspiring story of Scotty Smiley, the Army's first blind, active-duty officer. This week, I am giving you an update on Scotty's latest adventure: he is currently one of two blind veterans attempting to summit Mt. McKinley - the highest peak in North America, located in my beautiful home state of Alaska. He is also trying to be the first blind individual to do so on the West Buttress side of the mountain. McKinley is very hazardous and can be a dangerous climb, even with guides. Thoughts and prayers would be appreciated for safety for Scotty and his team as they work their way up the mountain. Here is a link to an article and some photos about their trek:

  I am really excited for Scotty to have this opportunity. The nation, and those who know him personally, have many reasons to be proud of him!