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Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Three Years

 Three years ago, on this day, I began this blog with the intent of helping the hurting find hope. I realized that God, through my own painful journey, had given me a message that I couldn't keep to myself. I knew there were many others who struggle as I do and who need to hear the words of life spoken to them in their darkest hour. I expected and hoped that God would change lives.
 What I didn't expect was that this simple act of penning my thoughts and sharing my desire to dive deeper into grace would change me! Through this forum, God has allowed me to be inspired, to love more deeply, to share more freely, and to discover relationships with others who want the same thing. God has also used this avenue to help me to realize that hiding isn't an option for me anymore. I can't run from my fears and my failures as I once did. Masks cannot be an escape for me to disguise my weakness. I must be open. The life of grace-living is one that must be embraced in full - and that includes the hard parts. Walking with God isn't just for the good times - He must be God of my life in the joyous as well as the difficult seasons. For, if I trust His goodness, I must trust it to carry me through anything that befalls me along the way. He will grant all that is necessary... including the ability to say "yes" when my human nature wants to yell "no." 
 I am eager to anticipate God's working in yet another year of this blog's message-giving. It does and will continue to exist for the sole purpose of drawing the needy, the broken, the weak ones among us deeper into a knowledge of the grace of God which alone can mend all that is wrong within us. 
 Thank you to everyone of you readers for taking this journey and daring deeply with me. Thank you for wanting to see through to God and for accepting the words of this girl in Alaska as (hopefully) words of comfort and peace to your sin-sick soul. I trust that God will continue to use what is shared here as a source of hope for those seeking for Him. 
Most importantly, thank you, Jesus, for being my God through all of the twists and turns of an uncertain life and for being a Savior to a world that is fallen.