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Saturday, March 4, 2017

Calmer Of The Storm

 Thank you, God, that Thou hast never left me to face the waves of uncertainty on my own. Thou who calmest the Sea of Galilee and bade Peter face his fears with faith - wilt Thou not do the same for me? I loath my lack of faith and regret that I so little put it into practice as I ought. My trust in Thee is so often less than what Thou deservest. But Thou assurest me that even the smallest faith is enough so long as I put it into use and place my trembling hand in Thine. I bless Thee that I can depend on Thee for every trial and rest in the surety that Thou wilt grant grace to meet every challenge. Teach me to get out of my boat of comfort and walk toward Thee. Let the winds roar and the waves roll deep, I will still believe and trust Thee!