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Friday, March 31, 2017

Quote of the Day

"Could we acquiesce with cheerfulness in the dispensations of an unerring providence, we should at once feel a spark of celestial happiness enkindled in our hearts. But this is a state of which frail humanity comes far short, at best. We wish to have this or that desire complied with and think that, could we but obtain the accomplishment of our wishes, we should be blessed indeed. But it is best they should not be granted; the wisdom and goodness of God assure us it is so. And yet, because they are denied, we sink into despondency and grief. My dear friend, I believe that if we could view things as they really are, we should find reason to say, 'The Lord has done all things well; mercy and peace go before Him continually.' Afflictions are sent for our profit, and if we do not profit by them, the fault is entirely our own."
                       - Susan Huntington in Seasons Of The Heart