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Wednesday, December 23, 2015

This Holy Night

This Holy Night

Darkness falls this holy night
As You enter this broken world;
No kingly pomp and circumstance
Announce Your plan unfurled.

So many turned away this night;
How ignorant were they!
No room was found to lay Your head
Except in a bed of hay.

Only a few were awake to see
As angels sang with mirth,
' Glory to God in the highest heaven
And peace to a longing earth.'

There You lay in a stable rude -
The sinless Lamb of God;
You made You kingly entrance
On a cold and filthy sod.

Perhaps this was to indicate 
You'd meet us in our shame,
So one day we would see the cross
And praise Your holy name.

Let me welcome You this night,
With the angels join my part;
Come; come, and lay Your head
In the manger of my heart.

As darkness falls this holy night,
Redemption's plan is born,
For quietly You usher in
The dawn of salvation's morn.