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Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Christmas Kick-off 2015!

 Last year, I did a Christmas kick-off. With the arrival of December, I began a celebration of all things Christmas. All month long, I shared the songs, words, and grace moments that accompany the holiday that I cherish dearly. Because…Christmas is about more than just the gifts, the parties, or the so-called "spirit" of the season. It is about the accomplishment of a redemptive plan put in motion by the God of the Universe before time began. He knew we would leave the garden through the sin of our first parents. He knew there was no way for us to come clean and be made right with Him of our own doing. He knew we needed a Savior. And so He sent His son Jesus. This season is the honoring of One who stepped down into our broken world and took our sin, our pain, our curse, on Himself in exchange for our salvation. 
And so…Christmas rolls around once again. And I am ready to welcome Him. I am ready to throw open the door of my heart and let Him walk through this holiday season. Over the coming weeks, I will share my favorite Christmas music, memories, and moments…and I welcome you to share yours!! Together, let us join our lives in making room for the Savior to come!