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Sunday, April 5, 2015

Why Easter Is So Important To Me

 It's Easter morning. The cold of winter is beginning to fade. Signs of Spring are in the air. It is a day of resurrection, of celebrating life and hope. I feel the praise rising in my soul. I sense the thankfulness in full…because, in addition to Christmas, this day is the most important day of the year.
 Just like the changing of the seasons, mankind lay in the throes of the winter of their soul. The cold-hearted effects of sin ran deep. There was no sign of life. No reason for hope. Our choice to reject God had destined us for eternal hopelessness and destruction. We had no more options. All that was due to us was our rightful punishment. But, into this chaos of our creating, into this broken world we had undone, stepped a Savior. A Savior who thought that shameful souls were worth dying for. Who loved them enough to enter into their brokenness, into their sin, and take their impurity on Himself and accept their eternal punishment for them. Not only that, but this same Savior then pronounced them forgiven and free to live a life of purpose and hope. Incredible, is it not? Such love defies human logic and knowledge. It is radical. Hardly would a human being dare to commit such an act of selflessness, but Jesus did. The God of the Universe cared enough about you…about me…to be crucified on our behalf. But, to go a step further and to prove His triumph over death and our sin, He rose from the grave and now lives! And He is preparing a place for every single person who has believed in Him so that they might spend eternity with Him forever…no longer destined to destruction as before. This is why Easter is so important to me: my God died on my behalf, and my God lives forever! The winter of the soul has faded. The Spring has come. The resurrection has taken place. The praise continues to rise. And I thank. I sing. Because Grace has touched my soul, and now I live as He lives. It is Easter morning! He is risen!