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Sunday, April 26, 2015

Being Alive

 We've all had those days…those times when we weren't happy to be alive. Perhaps those moments when all we wished for was that we were dead. Maybe we doubted that this world really needed us, that life could go on without our presence. The pain we carried convinced us that the darkness was too much for any light to overcome. Oh the hopelessness we felt in that moment. 
 And yet, into such feelings steps One who tells us that He loves us fiercely. He speaks to our sick souls and whispers peace where there is none. He tells us that we matter to Him…that broken people are who He chooses to make as His friends. He assures us that He will give meaning to our otherwise meaning-less lives. 
 In those times when I have doubted my place and my purpose, He has reminded me that this life really is worth living, that my blessings far outweigh my burdens, and that no night is so long, so season so dark, that renewal and redemption will not spring up from it in due time. Each person is placed on this earth for a reason. And each of us fulfills his or her true destiny when we live that gift in response to the One who granted it to us in the first place. Every breath that we take, every moment that we have, is from God. Today…and everyday, why don't we make a decision that we will not waste that one life but that we will, instead, live it well. In so doing, we will bring joy to the heart of the Creator who placed us here and who loves us more than we will ever imagine. Because of that fact, we can then say, "it's good to be alive."