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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Unnumbered Gifts

   God's little gifts are everywhere. They come to us wrapped in the present moment, assuring us of a God who loves us deeply. They are found in the humorous response of a two-year-old who says: " My tummy hurts...[can I] have some more chips?" We discover them in the cherubic gaze of a little boy who just turned four. Upon expressing the fact that, "I like you," his eyes meet yours as he replies, "I know." You continue the sweet exchange and ask, "Do you like me?" To which he says, "Mm-hm." So simple. So priceless. We notice them in the thoughtful card you find in your mailbox with the love of a close friend written all over it. 
   God supplies these grace-filled experiences to us all the time. We just have to be paying attention in order to see. The world is too big, His gifts too vast, for us to spend our lives gazing at the image of ourselves, reflecting in our own narcissistic pool of fallen glory. God wants to reveal to us far more than we take the time to savor. These reminders of His love surround us every moment. We must slow our lives down in order to experience them. We must get beyond "us" in order to taste Him. Small gifts. They are laden with meaning, crafted just for us from the beginning of time. Don't throw them away. Squeeze every last drop of Grace from them. Because these gifts are meant to be embraced. These gifts are from God.