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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

'The Inconsolable Longing'

   C. S. Lewis, a favorite author of mine, once noted in his book, "The Four Loves," that, as human beings, "we are born helpless. As soon as we are fully conscious, we discover loneliness...Our whole being, by its very nature, is one, vast need; incomplete, preparatory, empty yet cluttered, crying out for Him who can untie things that are now knotted together and tie up things that are still dangling loose."
   What to make of this longing? And why does it take us so long to become aware of it? Why, in a world of such extravagance and plenty, are so many so empty? Perhaps we are away from the Source...we have such refreshment right beside us and yet we turn away and say there is no hope. We choose to look for this eternal resolution where no answers will be had. We are forever searching in desperation, aware of this loneliness but feeling left to fill it on our own. To quench an inner thirst we cannot satisfy. 
    In essence, we seek the impossible. Only when it is revealed to us that there is One who can set things right does a glimmer of hope appear. This is what He means when He calls Himself the Savior. He is the Source Who gives ultimate satisfaction, life abundant in endless supply. When we cry out for our emptiness to be filled, our thirst to be quenched, only He can give the solution. Because He is Himself the solution. He is complete fullness for the longing soul. The Redeemer mends what is broken, straightens what is crooked, and makes beautiful what is ugly. In Him, the need is finally met. And the 'inconsolable longing' is filled forever.