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Monday, March 24, 2014

'Filled Hollows'

   I read a quotation sometime ago that describes the spiritual longing in each of us as empty hollows needing to be filled. C.S. Lewis to continue this thought:
  " ...we must remember that the soul is but a hollow which God fills. Its union with God is, almost by definition, a continual self-abandonment - an opening, an unveiling, a surrender, of itself."
                         - (from "The Problem of Pain")    

    Embracing the God who fills so abundantly is to agree to a transfer of authority. It is to acknowledge a beautiful passing of control, a willing surrender to Another's control-power. It is to serve the Master's expectations, to obey gladly no matter how contradictory to our own feeling. To have this hollow filled is to cease looking for significance, for purpose, for love, for all that is meaningful, in the wrong places and to see it all provided in Him Who saves. It is to disregard the deceptive self and all of its generated answers for the pursuit of the ultimate Life-Giver. It is to become aware of the rich supply of blessing He provides, to come to the One who alone can satisfy. He is the dispenser of what lasts eternally.
   Spiritual longing is native to the human condition. And yet, also given to us is the Source of unlimited Grace. We must continually exchange one for the other if we are to be filled, to be touched, to be healed.