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Friday, July 14, 2017

Quote of the Day

"There is a union for all this brokenness. 
'Ultimately it comes down to this, that the real cause of our trouble is failure to realize our union with Christ,' Martyn Lloyd-Jones wrote. That. I sit there in the realization of that real cause of all troubles...
The pieces of me, the shards I didn't know how to gather together again, the ache that kept me up at night that I didn't even have words for - none of the pieces of me would find peace - until I could see and feel and experientially enter into the reality of my union with Christ. Peace isn't a place - its a Person. Peace isn't a place to arrive at, but a Person to abide in. 'I myself am your peace,' says Jesus. 
Is this how you live with your one broken heart? Your one broken heart is only healed by a oneness with Him.
Am I willing to give all I have to Him?"
                - Ann Voskamp in The Broken Way